Forest guard recruitment

 The Department of Economic Affairs has given the green light to continue the process of recruiting plantation superintendents, assistant plantation superintendents and forest guardians, called in 2016 by the state's Forest Development Corporation. More than 1,300 candidates who have been waiting for a job offer for five years are sighing.

In 2016, various candidates were invited for graduate and secondary PUC qualification. More than 10 thousand applications were submitted. The decline was made after a two-year delay. Ranked on the basis of merit (percentage point), the list for physical examination and preliminary examination is left.

The day was set for Sept. 23, 2019, for a physical fitness test where Kovid's background had stalled. However, the recruitment process was put on hold in the wake of Kovid. Now that the Finance Department has agreed to continue the recruitment process, the recruitment process will resume in the next 15 days. However, some are over 30 years old due to the delay in applying for 5 years. Also, many have lost the ability to pass physical